The magisterial collection of sport and athletic prowess we all know as the Olympic Games evolve with the times. New sports get added, while old events get cut. That’s why chariot racing isn’t an event, despite its illustrious beginnings in antiquity. The sensibilities and values of the people organizing the events also play a role – in the early years of the modern competition, for example, the founder, Pierre de Coubertin, included intellectual pursuits either as distinct events or rolled into others. Painting, musical composition, and writing were all scored in some capacity early on, or were at least proposed. Yeah, they didn’t last too long in the grand scheme of the games. Many other, well, quaint events were only part of a single year’s games, or only lasted a couple. For better or worse (some certainly for the worse entertainment wise, in our opinion), here are some competitions you won’t see in the Olympics anymore.

CANCELLED GRACKED.COM OLYMPIC EVENTS From 1924-1936 the Olympics gave out medals for Alpinism the best mountain climbing feat over the past four years. The first awards included posthumus Gold Medals for 7 Sherpas who died in an Everest avalanche.

Source: Mental Floss

CANCELLED GRACKEDO OLYMPIC EVENTS Baron Coubertin Founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, won the first Gold Medal for Literature in 1912 with his poem Ode to Sport. He used a pseudonym; no-one knew he won until 1919.


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