Here's some advice for writers out there: if you have to steal, copy the work of long-dead authors who can no longer sue. You know, the stuff that’s in the public domain. Maybe the best option for doing so is the Bard himself. After all, Willy Shakes’ work occupies a lofty, central place in the history of storytelling, so not only will you escape the lawyers, but you’ll also get the critical acclaim too. Because what individual storyteller is more acclaimed than good ol’ Bill Shakespeare? That’s right, basically none. Some of you experts out there might have some names to throw out, but for the general reader, it is Will. That’s just his whole thing at this point – to be synonymous with quality characters and compelling plots, not to mention the dirtiest jokes thou shalt ever hear. So, without further ado, here are 13 movies that borrowed from Shakespeare’s plots for contemporary stories.

Simba just couldn't wait to be THE LION king HAMLET CRACKED.COM It wasn't enough that The Lion King lifted most of its story beats from Shakespeare's Hamlet. When it was time to make Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, the writers tapped Will again and borrowed the plot of Romeo and Juliet.


River and Keanu searched for NY own PRIVATE IDAHO HENRY IV AND HENRY V We're betting there were plenty of street hustlers in Shakespeare's day. We also bet they weren't as good looking as Phoenix and Reeves in their youthful prime. The bard-like dialogue may be the only reason this movie wasn't a huge hit.


Shakespeare + cocaine addiction : OTHELLO O is a pretty faithful retelling of Othello, swapping out Venice during the Turkish war for a boarding school that you know is getting government vouchers. No matter the setting, it's never easy being the outsider among a group of privileged white peers.


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