The Herculean task of getting this behemoth adaptation made was almost as monstrous as the psychic mountain of Beefaroni that terrorizes Neo-Tokyo in glorious 24 FPS.

LUCAS AND SPEILBERG TURNED IT DOWN CRACKED.COM In 1987, both George Lucas and Steven Spielberg turned down an opportunity to bring Akira to the big screen, claiming it was totally unmarketable to western audiences. It's a shame Katsuhiro Otomo, who directed the animated feature, didn't listen to the person riding high off Ewoks: The Battle For Endor.

Source: NME 

USED THE AMERICAN WAY OF VOICE RECORDING dy= CRACKED.COM Akira was one of the first anime films to record voice over lines before being animated, like American features. Actors had to deliver their lines while looking at, essentially, storyboards

Source: CBR 

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