14 Bizarro Talents The Celebs Have Been Hiding From Us

14 Bizarro Talents The Celebs Have Been Hiding From Us

Celebrities are the people who are widely known and usually have a lot of money and power. They sometimes have personal assistants to help them with their daily tasks. However, they also have to deal with fans who can be very intrusive and the media who are always looking for a juicy story. Being a celebrity can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, celebrities have access to the best of everything. They can travel wherever they want, buy expensive clothes and jewels, and live in luxurious homes. On the other hand, they often have to deal with hordes of paparazzi, and their every move is closely scrutinized by the public. In addition, celebrities often have to contend with gossip magazines and tabloid reporters who are always on the lookout for scandals. As you can see, being a celebrity is not all it's cracked up to be.

We all know that celebrities are just like us, except they have way more money and live in huge houses. But did you know that they also have hidden talents? That's right; celebs can do some pretty weird things that we would never expect. From creating art with their own blood to balancing spoons on their noses, these stars have got some skills! Keep reading to find out about the craziest talents your favorite celebs have been hiding from us. You won't believe what you're about to read!

Kesha is a jeweler... kind of CRACKEDO While Kesha was in a treatment center in 2014, a friend of hers tweeted a truly ominous message from her account: She's doing well and needs more of your teeth to make art with. She actually did make a bunch of jewelry (before the treatment center instituted a policy against receiving mouth bones in the mail).

Pierce Brosnan is a fire-eater CRACKED.COM He took a fire-eating workship in 1969, and finally got to show it off during an appearance on the Muppet Show.

Christopher Walken raised a lion CRACKED.COM When he was a teen, he developed a housepet-like relationship with the lion he lived with: Sheba. Old girl. Very nice. She'd come and bump your leg. Like a house cat.

Gigi Hadid was a professional singer JOSH GROBAN NOEL CRACKED.COM Before she hit it big as a model, she was a backup singer on a Josh Groban Christmas album -- the pinnacle of any young starlet's career.

Snoop Dogg is a football coach footbael YOOTH SNOOP LEASUE CRACKED.COM He started out coaching his son, and eventually founded the Snoop Youth Football League to help bring communities together through a common interest in sports.

Aaron Paul ...does this weird thing with dogs CRACKED.COM It's no exaggeration to say that Aaron Paul sexes dogs. Meaning: he can tell their sex. By patting their backs. Told you -- it's weird!

Neil Patrick Harris is a respected magician CRACKED.COM NPH isn't a real doctor, and probably isn't a real genius, but he is a real magician. He was even once the President of the Board of Directors of LA's extremely prestigious Magic Castle.

Angelina Jolie got a pilot license CRACKED.COM When a 3-year-old says they like garbage trucks or whatever, his mom doesn't usually run out and get a job with city sanitation. But Jolie did just that when her son said he likes airplanes.

Michael Shannon can fit $2 up his nose CRACKED.COM That's more impressive when you understand he did it with coins, not cocaine. For a Vanity Fair video, he stuffed $2.10 into his nostrils (while beautifully playing the piano).

Paul Newman was a race car driver CRACKED Back before the idea of a stunt double existed, he was professionally trained to race for the 1969 film Winning. For the rest of his career, he wouldn't work between April and October, SO he could race.

Vanilla Ice is a jetskier CRACKED.COM After he was already famous, he took a detour into the world of competitive jetskiing, landed a sponsorship with Kawasaki, and was at one point the 6th-best racer in the world.

Colin Farrell can line dance CRACKED.COM Like, professionally. While he was trying to hit it big as an actor, he was able to dump his side gig as a waiter and make a living as a bona fide Irish line dancer.

Ice Cube knows his architecture CRACKED.co Before he hit it big as a rapper, Cube studied architecture at the Pheonix Institute of Technology. The Getty later tapped him for a promotional video, in which he explains This is going green 1949-style, b*tch.

Willie Nelson is a black belt, several times over CRACKED.COM Willie's been collecting black belts like Michael Shannon collects nose coins. His most recent was in the art of GongKwon Yusul, at the age of 81.
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