Weird World: 12 Baffling, Ridiculous Events We Didn’t Hear About

Weird World: 12 Baffling, Ridiculous Events We Didn’t Hear About

Watching the news on TV can be boring. Blah blah blah congress passed a bill, blah blah blah climate change, blah blah blah local woman kills husband with grapefruit spoon, blah blah BLAH. The news can be so routine, even with its horrific stories about car accidents, murders, drug busts, and warnings pondering if the canned soup you eat is slowly killing you (spoiler: it is), we easily become numb and even tune it all out entirely.

Not these stories though. These unreported true events, tales, and accomplishments sometimes get buried in the media because it doesn't involve some celebrity or senator embarrassing themself in front of another celebrity or senator. Did you hear about one town's sea lion infestation? Or the artist that is suing another artist for plagiarizing his invisible air sculpture? Or the Guinness World record for stacking M&Ms?

Of course you hadn't. Because the news sucks at their job. Let us help.

WEIRD WORLD A guy tried to climb a tree to rescue a cat, but they had to rescue him too. TULSA FIR RESCL The man, in Tulsa, OK, saw the cat stuck on a tree and wanted to help it, but he got stuck too. In the end, firefighters had to get involved. CRACKED.COM

WEIRD WORLD 100 homing pigeons blocked an interstate highway in Florida for three hours. They fell off a truck at night and then just milled around on the road until they got startled by bright lights. Eventually, authorities captured most of them. CRACKED.COM

WEIRD WORLD A mystery ambulance showed up in a small Kentucky town, and nobody knows why. outhakStar ERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES AMBULANCE The ambulance doesn't have any tags, and its VIN number shows it's from Georgia, but it's no longer owned by a Georgian ambulance service. CRACKED.COM

Source: WKYT

WEIRD WORLD The UK Mail successfully delivered a letter that had no address or even postcode. m/s Katrina Davis, Lives in flue and green shed a on crossroads a near village a 21 miles from Lands End as featured an BBC2 Suman Reave Cornwall programme CORNWALL It was sent to a woman in a shed near a village, 21 miles from Land's End, that was featured on BBC2 Simon Reeve Cornwall programme. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

WEIRD WORLD In Chile, a sea lion photobombed a filmed interview about a plague of sea lions. They were interviewing a fisherman in Tome, Chile, about sea lions swarming the town... and the interview was interrupted by, well, a sea lion. CRACKED.COM

Source: BBC

WEIRD WORLD In Hong Kong, a wild boar led the authorities on a chase through the subway. The boar somehow boarded the train on one station, then got chased by transit employees, then left a few stations later and boarded a new train. CRACKED.COM

Source: UPI

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