15 References And Hidden Meanings In 'The Shining'

15 References And Hidden Meanings In 'The Shining'

Since the release of The Shining back in 1980, it’s been a sport for what feels like every other director to pay homage to Stanley Kubrick’s movie in their own films. But Kubrick himself sneaked a lot of references into his film, too. Here’s a list, and also one Easter egg that we debunk.

easter eggstra meanings and references An Easter THE SHiNiNG egg, debunked. People have said that Danny's Apollo 11 jersey was Kubrick's way of addressing the conspiracy connecting him to the supposed fake moon landing. The jersey was actually knitted by a friend of the costume designer, Milena Canonero, and when Kubrick said he wanted Danny to wear something handmade, Canonero brought the jersey to the set. CRACKED.COM


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