Ah prices, you can't buy stuff without them. And right now, prices are insanely high. We're all feeling that. Sometimes you just don't want to know what something costs - you just pay the man and move on. 

But other times there are arcane things that you look at with one squinty eye and think, “I wonder what that costs?” Like how much did Col. Sanders sell KFC for and starring in Napoleon Dynamite, what do you suppose that cost the production? (Hang tight, the answer to both of those is coming soon.)

So with that in mind, let us offer up 14 weirdo prices for weirdo things that won't weird you out. In fact, we bet you'll be fascinated by them. We sure were. For example, you can't technically put a price on love, but researchers have discovered that it costs two friends. Is it worth it? Consider while reading these 13 other facts.

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