14 Lies About War We Believe Because of Movies

14 Lies About War We Believe Because of Movies

World War II is by far the most commonly represented war in Hollywood blockbusters.

So what is the deal with them? Do these blockbusters tell us the whole truth? Ever wonder what the reality is?

War is a dreadful place to be if you don't wear a helmet, and that's about all the movies get right about it. That's understandable; a film can have a variety of objectives, but none of them include destroying an enemy bunker. 

As a result, many people have a completely erroneous understanding of what happens on a real battlefield. This is somewhat advantageous because it means you'll never have to dodge gunfire or explosives (opinions may differ, but we count this as a plus). But do you know what's even better? In terms of shit, I'm not wrong. That's why we made these: to send war myths back into the Stone Age.

So scroll on down for more wild lies that movies told us about war…

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