13 Non-Entertainers Who Got Animated on The Simpsons

13 Non-Entertainers Who Got Animated on The Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of the longest running and most legendary cartoon series EVER with an incredible list of alumni and guests. From the likes of Conan O'Brien to Mel Brooks, the Simpsons has employed or featured some of the brightest lights in comedy.

The fact is, it's not just comedians who have graced the halls of this legendary show. Plenty of actors, musicians, and even athletes have cameoed on The Simpsons.  But a surprising number of scientists, moguls, and oddball luminaries have also found their way to Springfield. 

For example Anthony Bourdain once appeared to Marge in a dream, after she became a food blogger looking for guidance. Stephen Hawking agreed to have an animated beer with homer, as long as his character stayed sober. Stan Lee even makes an appearance to let Bart know his new super hero idea is uh…anything but.

Here are 13 times that off-the-beaten-path celebrities guested on the show. 

STANLEE is king of the cameos SPACE issues Card % MEN CRACKED.com Bart's attempt at a new comic book hero sets off Stan's stinky sense. The boy is crestfallen, but the Marvel icon encourages Bart to keep trying. If you fail, you can always open a comic book store.


MARTHA STEWART knows the true meaning of Christmas CRACKED.COM When Marge needs holiday help, Stewart knits a jetpack and soars to Springfield. Reminding Marge that magical memories don't make themselves, she duct-tapes Bart and Milhouse into Nutcracker soldiers.



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