The history of broadcast television is littered with programs that have been banned. Certain television series are deemed excessively risqué again to the average viewer. They must be eliminated, either because of the series' contentious subject matter or because of the impact of current events. On the other hand, some shows have made it through the first-time transmission only to be dropped from the network's schedule.

What are the similarities between Sesame Street and South Park? In addition to themes about poop, pee, and sperm, they sparked some controversy during their time. Here are a few of the oddest reasons why the powers that be decided to cancel a television episode:

We'll look at a couple of various scenarios with restricted episodes. Certain episodes have only been broadcast on the original graph before being taken off the air. On the other hand, dozens of other people were prohibited from the network but instead were re-aired without trouble on other sites.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION The High Ground CRACKED.COM In this episode, Data predicts that a terrorist organization will succeed in reunifying Ireland in the distant year of 2024. The BBC kept it off of British airwaves until 2007, and it still hasn't run in Ireland.

Source: BBC

SESAME STREET A month's worth of programming CRACKED.COM This may come as a shock, but the state of Mississippi once suffered from a bad case of institutionalized racism. In 1970, their Commission for Educational Television declared they were not ready for the show's highly integrated cast of children, and banned it for a month

Source: MentalFloss

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey CRACKED.COM The episode didn't air outside of the UK, and US audiences speculated that it was chock full O' communist propaganda. It turned out to be a classic case of oops our animation is giving kids seizures.

Source: IMDB

HAWAII FIVE-0 Bored, She Hung Herself CRACKED.COM This episode featured a (hopefully) fictional form of yoga that involves auto asphyxiation. Someone accidentally died trying to replicate it, and the episode was nuked Due to viewer reaction following the original telecast.

Source: IMDB

BOY MEETS WORLD Prom-ises, Prom-ises CRACKED.COM Disney pulled this episode because it implied Cory and Topanga were open to maybe boning after prom, but it's got some much weirder stuff going on. In essence, Cory accidentally enters a key party-esque situation with his parents, and his dad ends up in a seedy hotel room with his girlfriend.

Source: YouTube

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