It's fascinating to watch actors on a Television show act the same way any ol’ average Joe does when confronted with a famous person from another domain, such as when a musician plays themselves. It’s always amazing to see an artist perform in cameos like themselves or even as a character in a book, whether for a few seconds or multiple episodes.

Musicians will occasionally take their turn at acting. Several times, they feature on TV shows for brief yet noteworthy appearances. A cameo role by a singer on a Television program can make for a highly anticipated upcoming season if done well. We're looking to you, Ed Sheeran from Game of Thrones. 

Musicians still enjoy appearing on TV shows, whether to promote a new song or to exhibit their enthusiasm for soap operas. Here are 14 more moments when well-known performers nailed it during prime time. So scroll on, dear reader for some wild and jaw dropping musician cameos…

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