15 Famous Musicians Who Quit The Scene For (Relatively) Normal Jobs

15 Famous Musicians Who Quit The Scene For (Relatively) Normal Jobs

Musicians are artists who create and perform music. Music can be divided into genres such as pop, rock, jazz, and classical. Musicians typically specialize in one genre, although some artists are able to cross over into multiple genres.

Some musicians are really simple. They quit scenes for normal jobs, and they're happy with that. They don't miss the hectic touring schedule or the late nights in the studio. They're content to play music as a hobby, and they're not interested in all the fuss and bother that comes with being a professional musician. But for other musicians, the lure of the stage is simply too strong to resist. They can't imagine doing anything else with their lives, and they're willing to sacrifice everything else in pursuit of their musical dreams. These are the musicians who make up the heart and soul of the music industry, and they're the ones who keep us coming back for more. Read more about them in our new article.

Bruce Dickinson is my copilot IRON MAIDEN CRACKED.COM Dickinson has flown the band's jet while on tour on multiple occasions. He even became a pilot (and marketing director!?) of an airline that, bewilderingly, no longer exists.

Source: BBC

Bill Wyman is a metal detector guy THE ROLLING STONES CRACKED.COM The bassist tapped out of the rockstar life in the 90's, and has since become a serious detecting enthusiast. He even created his own top-of-the-line instrument, the Bill Wyman Signature Metal Detector.

Source: BBC

Erykah Badu is a doula CRACKED.COM The Grammy-winning R&B star quit the biz to become a highly-trained birthing coach after hanging out with a pregnant pal of hers: I just continued to be present at different people's births, and I started studying on my own.

Source: Vogue

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