15 Actors That Got Rich By Starring In Box Office Flops

15 Actors That Got Rich By Starring In Box Office Flops

We've all heard the adage: nothing succeeds like success. Unless you are already incredibly wealthy and famous, in which case, even failure succeeds like success. Confused? Us too, until we learned about these actors that got incredibly rich from their box office flops.

We fail ALL the time and no one pays us for it. (Ed note: don't you forget it!).

Imagine being part of a financial and critical disaster and being punished by leaving with millions of dollars in your pocket. Well, that’s a regular occurrence in the life of a Hollywood actor.

In fact, that's exactly what happened to Julia Roberts for her role in the utterly forgettable rom-com Mother's Day where she was paid one million dollars a day for four days of shooting. Don't even get us started about Mark Wahlberg…

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Here are 15 actors who made bank even though their movies bombed at the box office:

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