15 Actors Who Needed Some Persuasion To Take On Roles

15 Actors Who Needed Some Persuasion To Take On Roles

It takes a lot to get some people to take a big role. There are plenty of actors out there who need persuasion to take on a large role in a movie. These are the roles that can make or break someone's career. Some of these actors only take on small roles, while others stick to what they know. More often than not, these are the great actors out there who don't need to stretch themselves too thin. They're happy with the work they have and don't need the extra pressure that comes with taking on a large role. While this may be frustrating for some directors, it's also why we have such amazing talent in Hollywood today. Instead of stretching themselves too thin, these actors focus on their craft and give us amazing entertainment.

There exists an alternate timeline where Daniel Day-Lewis never starred in Gangs of New York and instead kept making shoes in Italy because why the hell not. Still, we’re glad he was persuaded to don that mustache and play the shit out of Bill the Butcher. The man sure can butcher (and make shoes -- he’s just hella impressive). Here’s a list of actors who needed a little extra persuasion to take on some pretty big roles.

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL IN DONNIE DARKO Director Richard Kelly had to convince Jake's sibling to also play his sister in the movie. Kelly said she was reluctant, because she didn't want to play Donnie's sister just because, you know, she's Jake's actual sister. She wanted the best actress to get the part, not just a family member. Her strong will impressed Kelly so much that he kept telling her she'd be perfect for the role. CRACKED.COM


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