15 Iconic Pop Culture Works Made For The Weirdest Reasons

15 Iconic Pop Culture Works Made For The Weirdest Reasons

You're sitting down and reading a comic book, watching a movie, listening to a song, enjoying a TV show, or some other piece of media. You're thoroughly entertained and love what you just consumed. It was so hilarious or imaginative or creative or whatever it is you were looking for with this piece of art. “Where do they get these ideas?" you wonder, aloud, to no one.

Sometimes those ideas come from dreams, past experiences, or something deep within the mind of the creators. Yet sometimes it comes from other places. Sometimes ideas just come from boredom, laziness, or just plain spite.

Sometimes mutants exist because a creator was lazy. Sometimes a character is killed off a show tragically because the voice actor was too expensive to keep. And sometimes a song is recorded to just poke fun at The Beatles.

Learn more about those and other works within popular culture that were born for the most bizarre reasons.

The chorus of R.E.M.'s Man on the Moon was a way of one-upping Nirvana. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Nirvana had a lot of songs with yeah repeating in the chorus, so Michael Stipe wanted to out-yeah them and write a song with even more yeahs - and he did. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

New York, New York only exists thanks to Robert De Niro and his particular tastes. More New York New De Niro didn't like the first song composed for his character in the movie New York, New York, so he had the writers do a new one and they wrote New York, New York. CRACKED.COM

Source: NPR

James Cameron made Titanic just SO he could visit the actual ship's wreck. He's all about deep sea exploration dives, also saying he makes Avatar to get money to recharge the treasury to build new vehicles to go on explorations. CRACKED.COM

Source: SBS

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