14 'Superbad' Trivia Chunks

14 'Superbad' Trivia Chunks

Has Superbad aged well? We have to say, not so much - BUT - there are still plenty of funny things in the film. And even more interesting gems behind the scenes that'll have you (cough) McLovin' the hell out of this. 

Like Eminem for instance, it's pretty intuitive that he'd be a Superbad superfan, but did you know that previously? Probably not - we didn't. And DTF - Jonah Hill didn't originate that phrase - he stole it. But he stole it from good company, sweet move, Hill, until Jersey Shore co-opted it. 

From a screenplay originated by a pair of 13-year-olds, (that may say a lot about the parts that haven't aged well) Superbad became one of the iconic teen comedies of the 21st century. You must remember seeing it for the first time and going, “How in the heck did this movie get made?” Find out and get behind the scenes with some tasty Superbad nuggets.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS SUPERBAD Like most Apatow movies, there's lots of IMPROVISATION CRACKED.COM From Jonah Hill's DTF to Bill Hader's singing Panama to Emma Stone shouting what the f*ck! when she gets a headbutt from Hill to the 'boop' on the nose, many of the film's classic bits were invented in real time.



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