Imagine being 17, renting your tux, getting a haircut, shaving your weird little mustache, and then getting punked out by Shaun freaking White.

Kylie Jenner CRACKED.COM In 2017, this dude put up flyers looking for a date after his elaborate promposal was rejected. Jenner's staff saw one, got her in touch, and made him the most popular guy in school.

Brandy CRACKED.COM Kobe was already on the cusp of being rich and famous when he met Brandy at the Essence Awards. But he was still a shy 17-year-old just trying to survive finals, SO naturally, he waited a few weeks and had a friend ask her to prom.

Source: E

Katy Perry CRACKED.COM This doesn't appear to be a staged publicity stunt. It looks like Katy Perry legit crashed a Melbourne prom for 10 minutes, possibly drunk, by some accounts. One teacher said she saw someone dancing wildly, and said Who is this silly girl? Who is this idiot?

Source: Billboard

Tupac CRACKED.COM Back before viral moonshot promposals were a thing, a young fan wrote in to Pac's fan club to ask him to prom. He agreed, gave her $1,500 for a dress, and scooped her up in a limo.

Source: VH1

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