You and these other hooligans got bound together with one common dream: to make it big in the music industry. You play together, travel together, eat together, grow together both in age and in your craft. You become something more than just your individual selves. You become a band. Not just any band, but a touring band. A touring band whose music has touched so many lives. You made an impact. You all made it. Together you've succeeded. The hard work, the sweat, the sleepless nights, all of the sacrifices paid off.

Then you break up. Why? Why did it all get thrown away? Was it because you all collectively created all that you could together? Was it because you all felt content and wanted other dreams to pursue away from one another? Or was it because your bandmate stomped on your birthday cake?

Many of your favorite bands broke up for very silly reasons. Here are a 14 examples:

Oasis was plagued by sibling rivalry GRACKED.COM Liam Gallagher once beat up his brother, Noel, with a tambourine. Later, Noel quit a tour after Liam insulted his wife. The final straw came in 2009, after some stupid fight caused them to cancel a show. Noel took to the band's website, saying I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.

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