School Of Rock: 14 Face Melting Facts

This project is called “Rock Band.”
School Of Rock: 14 Face Melting Facts

The scene in which Rosalie Mullins Joan Cusack refers to herself as the "bitch" while driving with Dewey initially included a make-out session cut from the movie. Black explained that the peck on the cheek was cut because that would have “just hung there” for the entire movie.

Because once writer Mike White decided to move into a residence next to Jack Black, he developed the inspiration for the film. White would frequently find Jack Black attempting to run naked through to the halls or blowing much of the soundtrack from the film at max volume.

Jack Black recorded himself trying to sing before a large crowd, pleading with Led Zeppelin to let them to use the piece of music in the film. It was successful, and the music was used in a scene in which Black sings over the song as it plays on the radio in the van that he uses to carry his students.

What a movie, right…

Let's see 14 School of Rock facts behind the scenes, which will put your knowledge to the test. And your thoughts. And your brain as well.

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