16 Random Facts To Fire Off At Strangers (Or More Likely, Friends)

16 Random Facts To Fire Off At Strangers (Or More Likely, Friends)

We're not suggesting that knowing a certain pop-culture fact will save your life. We're simply stating that you have no way of knowing whether or not it will ever happen. What about the Riddler? That guy proves that there are master criminals out there who enjoy asking questions and have an insatiable curiosity. What if a real-life Riddler apprehends you, let's call them the Fact Checker, and they say, "Answer these three questions: how much did Mr. Rogers weigh?" You have to respond because it's a Fact Checker, and he’s a supervillain who undoubtedly has you trapped in some kind of odd vat!

They're what happens when a pub quiz turns to robbery, kidnapping, and dressing up in ridiculous costumes! And, hey, even if that day never arrives, isn't it enjoyable to collect useless facts in the meantime? That's why we work so hard at Cracked to compile these trivia collections - to keep you engaged (and, should you be apprehended by a dastardly trivia hungry villain–alive.)

Look out for these bizarre facts that will make you hold your head high and say: WOAH, those are some wild facts.

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