When it comes to big (and small) budget films, everyone always focuses on the writing, the star power, the special effects, the Easter eggs and the hidden details. The thing is, one of the most under-recognized elements of movies are the costumes themselves.

We often don’t think about the conception, design, stitching, the glue, and absolute work of the craft that goes into making sure our heroes and villains are in the perfect threads for their respective roles. Besides that, many of our favorite films had surprising costume back stories.

The Star Wars production was famously thrifty, but apparently that extended to making futuristic fashion out of Levi’s blue jeans. The real origins of Obi Wan’s robes blew us away! Don’t even get us started on what Arnold Schwarzenegger had to do to borrow the Mr. Freeze costume during his role in Batman and Robin.

Want more details? Scroll on, we’ve got the full story, plus 14 others about the costuming within other popular films:

Jean-Paul Gaultier created Leeloo's skimpy outfit in The Fifth Element. The costume for Leeloo was a bit of a last-minute creation, and funnily enough, it is the one that everyone remembers from that movie, he said. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vogue

The Cowardly Lion's costume from the Wizard of Oz has real lion skin and fur. In 2014, it sold at an auction for $3 million. CRACKED.COM

Source: CBS

Whenever you don't see Peter Cushing's full frame in Star Wars, he's probably wearing carpet slippers. The boots they gave him were ridiculously uncomfortable, so he begged George Lucas to let him wear carpet slippers and keep his feet out of the shot as much as possible. CRACKED.COM

Source: DenOfGeek

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