John Early Is Figuring Out How to Be Sincere

As the star of the sharp new indie ‘Stress Positions,’ the irreverent comic works in a more serious vein. He tells Cracked why he’s getting comfortable with being earnest — even if he’s scared everyone will think he’s pretentious

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16 Wild Shenanigans At The Oscars

16 Wild Shenanigans At The Oscars

The Oscars are a mixed bag. Yeah, it's a lot of nonsense and altogether too long, but there's still something compelling about it. You gather that much star power in one place and people are inevitably going to watch. And the people onscreen are going to often be annoying. Is it that hard to have an acceptance speech ready? Like, how not nice is it to waste everybody's time stammering and explaining you didn't have any remarks prepared.

Well, get ready because it’s that time of year again, where the stars of Hollywood get together to clap for each other and hopefully not give an award to a Nazi. Because that totally happened once. We wish we were joking. Anyway, get your Oscars bingo cards out and read on about some of the WTF moments that have been documented over the years. We're secretly pulling for Bill Murray in ‘Stripes’. Is he up for that this year?

THE 1959 OSCARS THAT ENDED 20 MINUTES EARLY...I BUT STILL HAD TO GO ON. The broadcasters had no idea what to do with the free time, prompting host Jerry Lewis to ad lib and keep the show going. He shushed the band, and announced that they would be doing 300


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