Keanu Reeves has been in the public eye for over 30 years, yet we still know so little about him. The high-profile actor has managed to keep his private life close to his chest, but from viral videos, we can only assume he's a down-to-Earth sweetie who is always willing to give up his seat for a stranger. Here are 13 more facts about the actor… 

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AT A GLANCE KEANU REEVES When he first arrived in Hollywood, he auditioned as K.C. Reeves He considered going by Page Templeton III or Chuck Spidina, as Keanu was deemed too ethnic by casting agents. CRACKED COM

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AT A GLANCE KEANU REEVES He starred in a holiday musical called Babes in Toyland The cheesy, fun 1986 film also features a young Drew Barrymore.
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