At A Glance: 13 Whoa-Inducing Keanu Reeves Facts

At A Glance: 13 Whoa-Inducing Keanu Reeves Facts

Ah, Keanu.  Swoon

For over 30 years, Keanu Reeves has been in the spotlight as an actor and movie star with the general public just genuinely enjoying him, his personality, and his energy. While Reeves… No, I can't, he's Keanu… While Keanu has been a Hollywood veteran for a long time, he does a great job of keeping his life private from the public eye. So on top of his reputation of being one of the nicest men in the film industry, he's also got an aura of mystery that also plays into his appeal.

But we at Cracked got the scoop on him. Like the time when he was in a Drew Barrymore holiday musical or when a little indie band called Weezer got their start opening for Keanu's band (I wonder what happened to them…).

If you need more Keanu in your life, we got 13 facts to share about him:

AT A GLANCE KEANU REEVES Alice Cooper hung out at Keanu Reeves' house growing up Reeves' mother was a costume designer and Cooper was one of her clients. CRACKED COM

Source: US 

AT A GLANCE KEANU REEVES When he first arrived in Hollywood, he auditioned as K.C. Reeves He considered going by Page Templeton III or Chuck Spidina, as Keanu was deemed too ethnic by casting agents. CRACKED COM

Source: US

AT A GLANCE KEANU REEVES Reeves found himself in movie jail after turning down Speed 2 FOX wouldn't offer him another movie until 2008's The Day the Earth Stood Still. CRACKED COM

Source: GQ

AT A GLANCE KEANU REEVES He starred in a holiday musical called Babes in Toyland The cheesy, fun 1986 film also features a young Drew Barrymore.
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