Oh, That's What It's Called: 14 Social Phenomena Terms

We can't all be social scientists, but we can learn the lingo.
Oh, That's What It's Called: 14 Social Phenomena Terms

There are plenty of specific observable situations we may not know why they exist, but at least we know that they exist. Some people have even gone so far as to give them names, and we must honor their daring deeds of definition by learning them. 

We're talking really shocking social phenomena like the pygmalion effect, which describes the fact that expectations directly affect performance.  Looks like we should potentially fish out copy of ‘The Secret’ out of the trash. There's also the tragic ‘Sagan Effect’ wherein people perceive popular and public facing scientists to be less scholarly than their more private peers.

Here are 14 social phenomena that the next time someone points one out, you can impressively drop the name. The name of the social phenomena that describes people who obsessively drop fascinating facts and trivia? Well that's not technically in here, but we usually just call them Cracked readers. 

Missing White Woman Syndrome MISSING! the disproportionate media coverage that young, white, middle- to upper-class missing women receive

Source: NPR

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