16 Oops! Auditions Actors Just Want To Forget

16 Oops! Auditions Actors Just Want To Forget

It's nice to know that even famous actors, nay, Oscar winners, muck up an audition from time to time. Honestly, who here hasn't pitched up to an interview totally wasted? Or decided to shed their clothes in the middle of an important Q&A? Don't answer that. Let us have this little shred of relatability, or at least feel for the actor who just didn't know what a wolverine was. 

Kathryn Hahn brought a bag of props to a Coen brothers auditions. That was heartbreaker... a It was for A Serious Man...and I was way gung-ho...I I brought in a bag of props. It was too much. It was just way too much for the space and they were very


Robert Pattinson pretended to be American for his Transformers 2 audition. As in, he literally tried to sell the filmmakers on him being American, even though they already knew he was English. I always kept thinking that if you say you're English then they judge your American accent.... So they


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