13 Oddball Now-You-Know Facts About Movies, Science, And More

Et tu, Tom Hanks?
13 Oddball Now-You-Know Facts About Movies, Science, And More

If you’ve played some Toy Story games and remember Tom Hanks voicing Woody … well, that would be mistaken. Here are the full details, plus 12 more stories:

Anthony Michael Hall was supposed to be in Full Metal Jacket. He negotiated with Stanley Kubrick for eight months, but they couldn't work things out. Hall was fascinated by Kubrick and read everything about him he could, and had really wanted to be in the movie, So he was pretty

Source: UGO

In WWll, RAF pilots were issued escape boots. They had a concealed knife that would let pilots cut away the upper part, leaving them with ordinary-looking shoes that would let them blend in. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: IWM

EIla Fitzgerald once broke a glass with her voice. MLLMOFEX o It was for an ad for the Memorex cassette, which had the tagline Memorex Recording Tape ... Reproduction so true it can shatter glass. So they made TV ads with Fitzgerald singing and breaking glass (and they didn't use any

Source: NPR

The Australian Shepherd dog actually has nothing to do with Australia. It was bred in the American West, and there's no consensus on why it's called an Australian Shepherd. NOW YOU KNOW

Source: AKC

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