15 Iconic Movie Costumes (That Were A Huge Pain In The Butt)

15 Iconic Movie Costumes (That Were A Huge Pain In The Butt)

Sometimes acting can be a piece of cake. You show up in regular clothes, stand in front of a camera to say, “Mmm, this cereal tastes perfectly fine!” then go home to collect sweet, sweet commercial residuals until you audition again. Then there are the times in which actors really earn their paycheck.

Have you ever gone to a costume party? Sure, it can be fun at times but it can also be a pain in the ass if you're going to go all out. You spend a lot of time making sure your makeup is right, you squeeze into an outfit that isn't quite comfortable, and you may feel aches in the muscles carrying heavy props. Now take that experience and multiply it by 12 hours. That's what happens when actors have to fully embody a character that is incredibly different from them, human or otherwise.

Let's look at some actors who really suffered through terrible costume experiences for our entertainment:

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