Here at Cracked, we love all of you like you're our children. We really mean that. And because we're your parents now, that means it's time for you to stop besmirching our family name by continuing to do things like a bunch of imbeciles. Straighten up, already.

DRINK LIDS ARE COASTERS 40 26 26 3 24 28 30 32 16 34 18 18 28 16 32 34 36 CRACKEDOON 38 You're not supposed to leave the lid on unless you're transporting the cup somewhere. Think about it: You have a bunch of cups and glasses at home,

Source: Insider

TIRES STUCK on ICE? endensator Don't spin them or rock back and forth. Drop kitty litter under the tires to give you some traction. You did remember to always keep a bag of kitty litter in the trunk next to your spare, right?

Source: All State

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