14 Things Some Of Us Might Be Doing Wrong

14 Things Some Of Us Might Be Doing Wrong

Here at Cracked, we love all of you like you're our children. We really mean that. And because we're your parents now, that means it's time for you to stop besmirching our family name by continuing to do things like a bunch of imbeciles. Straighten up, already.

DON'T STICK IT IN YOUR EAR. CRACKED COMT Q-Tips actually say right on the bottle that they're not supposed to enter the ear canal. Yeah, it looks like a perfect fit, but a lot of things seem to fit in a lot of holes; that's not a good excuse for breaking

Source: Time

MONOPOLY'S not SLOW. OO4 MONOPOLY The ing Trsding Game Fast- Property It's only slow because people ignore the auction rule. First time someone lands on a property, they must buy it or the banker must auction it. That quickly gets things moving and put some players ahead.

Source: BBC

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