Death has never been easy, particularly when it comes unexpectedly. That is most often the case when a film ends up losing an actor or actress from the cast, and death during production can often result in changes that affect the way films move forward.

Choosing what to do with a character after their actor dies must be a difficult task. Do you recast the character to continue their story, silently write them off, or incorporate their death into the show in some way?

The following were are of the most well-known cases where the production companies had to cope with the loss of an artist and its impact on the films themselves. To be clear, those are not the only times an actor and actress has ended up dead while making a film, and no offense is intended to any identities left on and off the list.

Here are 15 shows that chose the latter option and decided to include the actors' deaths in the plot:

GLEE CRACKEDCO CORY MONTEITH FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE MCKINLEY FOOTBA IN His character Finn gets In 2013, Monteith a musical farewell in unexpectedly season 5 episode The Quarterback, which passed away from focuses on the drug overdose. characters dealing with a his death three weeks after his funeral.


NEWSRADIO CRACKEDCO PHIL HARTMAN FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE Season 5 opens with Hartman was the characters coming tragically back from Bill McNeal's killed funeral after he dies by his wife in offscreen from a heart attack. The episode 1998. centers around them processing his death.


THE WEST WING CRACKEDcO JOHN SPENCER FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE His death was In 2005, Spencer incorporated into the suffered a deadly show by having Leo heart attack before McGarry die from a heart attack on election the final season night and posthumously started filming. becoming the Vice President-elect.


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