16 Awe-Inspiring Easter Eggs in Steven Spielberg Films

Would the director who invented the blockbuster sneak Easter eggs into his films? Well, this article exists, doesn't it? As of this writing, Steven Spielberg's most recent movie is one that's made up entirely of Easter eggs, so we fear he might be going overboard. In fact, that's why we didn't include Ready Player One here -- there wouldn't be any room left for other movies. And Spielberg's other movies certainly include some clever references, like these here.


Indiana Jones / Indy’s bullwhip (and not only that) comes from Zorro.
The entire saga is a love letter to old movie serials -- like 1937’s Zorro Rides Again, where Zorro cracks a whip and performs several of the exact same stunts as Indiana Jones.

Sources: TheRaider.net, Cinemassacre on Twitter


Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry is watching Jaws. Instead of working, Nedry is playing a movie about toothy animals eating people. Really, he should have seen it coming. CRACKED.COM

Source: Movies in Other Movies


Hook Captain Hook's hat is rimmed with crocodile teeth. Apparently, the pirate's greatest fear is always on his head.

Source: Screen Rant


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial The flying bikes reference an old Italian movie. 1951's Miracle in Milan (one of Spielberg's favorites) ends with the characters escaping the authorities on flying broomsticks.. Just substitute bicycles, and you have E.T.'s iconic scene.

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A.I. Artificial Intelligence Professor Hobby's name is a tribute to Stanley Kubrick. When Spielberg took over after Kubrick's death, he renamed the character as a nod to Kubrick's production company, Hobby Films.

Source: Steven Spielberg: A Biography, by Joseph McBride


Hook Tinkerbell makes Carrie Fisher and George Lucas fly. The couple Tink sprinkles with pixie dust on the way to Neverland are none other than Fisher and Lucas, in a hush-hush cameo.

Source: The Wrap


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Indy escapes from the Club Obi Wan. The (high-class) wretched hive of scum and villainy where the movie starts is appropriately named.

Source: Movie scene on YouTube


Catch Me If You Can Frank catches himself. The French cop escorting Frank Abagnale Jr. after his arrest is the real Frank Abagnale Jr.

Source: Screen Rant


Jaws The book's author has a cameo. The reporter who utters the amazing line a cloud in the shape of a killer shark is Peter Benchley, who wrote the novel the movie is based on.

Sources: Mental Floss, Movie scene on YouTube


Minority Report Cameron Diaz is riding the train. Not only that, but director Cameron Crowe is sitting right next to her. Was it Cameron day on that train, or what?

Source: Mental Floss


Poltergeist The ghost roars like a certain famous lion. This movie replaced the decades-old roar of the MGM lion with a higher-fidelity recording -- and the same effect was used for the door ghost.

Source: The Courier, Todd Vaziri on YouTube


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Sean Connery gets shot with James Bond's gun. When Walter Donovan shoots Indy's dad, he uses Bond's signature handgun- a Walther PPK. (Also, Donovan is played by Julian Glover, who was a Bond villain in For Your Eyes Only).

Source: Range 365


Close Encounters of the Third Kind R2-D2 is briefly seen (upside down) on the alien ship. Do the aliens come from a galaxy far, far away? Do they use astromech droids? So many questions!

Sources: Yahoo Entertainment, Movie clip on YouTube


Saving Private Ryan Two surrendering soldiers speak Czech, not German. Please don't shoot me! I am not German, I am Czech, one of them pleads. This is true to life, as many Eastern Europeans were forced to fight on the German side during World War Il.

Source: The Independent