15 People Who Expected Their Biggest Hits To Fail Miserably

15 People Who Expected Their Biggest Hits To Fail Miserably

Are you a glass-half-full person or a glass-half-empty person? Got it. Well, we don't even see the glass. Ha, ha.

In our current world, it's real easy to be glass-half-empty with all the bad news and general nonsense we endure on daily basis. Like, it's real hard to see it any other way sometimes, given how much we're all bombarded with it.

But don't get down on yourself for getting down on stuff - it turns out the same thing happens in Hollywood, where big stars sometimes expect to just bomb hard, despite all the money lavished on them and craft services. Those gold-lined chafing dishes cost real money.

So yeah, some of the biggest hits out there succeeded brilliantly despite the actors who starred in them taking the view before the movie's release that they should just flush the toilet and move on. Here are 15 examples of that very thing, for your edification and entertainment.

20th Century Fox thought James Cameron was due for a dud. They chalked up Titanic's surprising success to the fact that it was about a historical event, and featured a very sexy, very human love story. The fact that Avatar was a complete fantasy about hot aliens having hair

Source: NBC

Donald Sutherland turned down a 2% share of Animal House's profits. CRACKED COM Director John Landis needed to find a big star to squeeze into the movie's poster, and Sutherland agreed to a one-day shoot. He was offered $25k and 2% gross, but countered that I just want the money. He

Source: Variety

Liam Neeson figured Taken would go straight to video. CRACKED COM Neeson thought he was aging out of action star roles when Taken was offered to him. He signed up for the ridiculous plot of man punches half of Europe to find his daughter just to feel like a badass for

Source: GQ

20th Century Fox tried to kill Deadpool with a $7 million budget cut. The project had already been through SO much adversity that the writing team had become incredibly scrappy. They took it in stride, making major rewrites like boiling three different characters down to one: Gina Carano's Angel

Source: Gizmodo

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