Good TV characters evolve over time. Great TV characters evolve over time in a way that makes sense. In either case, the key to making that evolution work is the phrase “over time.” 

The characters here on this list did not have that crucial aspect of character development. Nope, they either skipped right to the end or decided to ignore the beginning they were given. It seems that they got new personalities out of nowhere. 

Whether it was from studio interference, audience feedback, or an actor’s change in their understanding of what they want their character to be, organic change seems to have been chucked right out the window in favor of a fast payoff, for better or for worse. Occasionally though, ignoring this important writing and storytelling rule has given results for the better, somehow and some way, if you can believe it. Check out these 13 characters who got overnight persona transplants. 

BARNEY STINSON totally changed in one episode HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER CRACKED.COM In the reviled finale, HIMYM unravels its final season with the quickie divorce of Barney and Robin. The notorious womanizer gives up skirt chasing and settles down to fatherhood -- all in a few scenes pinned to the


JAN LEVINSON went off the deep end THE OFFICE CRACKED.COM There was a time when Jan Levinson-Gould was Dunder Mifflin's voice of reason.. Could her inexplicable attraction to Michael explain the complete weirdo she became after getting canned in Season 3? Break out the scented candles!


MORK talked like a Munchkin MORK AND MINDY CRACKEDC Mork's first appearance was on Happy Days, speaking in a high-pitched buzz with a body that beeped liked a dial-up modem. The cartoon voice and blooping body parts were gone by the second season of Mork and Mindy.


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