Tell Us Now: 18 Annoying Coworker Stories

Sometimes coworkers are the worst part of the job.
Tell Us Now: 18 Annoying Coworker Stories

As to not out our own staff on their annoying habits, we crowdsourced bad coworker stories by asking Cracked readers on Facebook, “What is the most annoying thing a coworker has done?” You should commend me for not including Jesse's constant humming in this round-up…

TELL US NOW. THE TOILET ATTENDANT OUNDEB EMIFFLIN Anna H. tells US, I had a coworker obsessed with micromanaging things that were not her iob once follow me into the bathroom to ask me a work-related question. While F was peeing.
TELL US NOW. GREAT CLIPS Heather C. had a coworker who clipped her toenails at her desk while on the phone with customers.
TELL US NOW. TOO MUCH INFORMATION Allan B. has a coworker who consistently tells a novel when You ask them something. Having to wait and listen to their entire process and every interaction only to have the last sentence be everything you really needed.
TELL US NOW. SOMETHING SMELLS FISHY Erin T. says Someone 0 used to share an office with would bring in tinned fish to have with her lunch. If that wasn't bad enough she'd then put the unwashed tin in her waste paper bin so we'd all have to suffer the
TELL US NOW. A SNOTTY SITUATION Tarrah R. shares, Work in a small office with several other people. One of them refuses to cover their face when they sneeze. Clean-ups are required. They've been spoken to, about just how gross this is, but they think it's funny.
TELL US NOW. REFERRAL FAILURE Tony D. tells US about one coworker who asked for a referral about windows and then refused to tell the company 0 referred her because, It felt weird' thus costing me a $250 referral bonus.
TELL US NOW. LOST IN TRANSLATION Mark S. says, The guy who I replaced had written all his programs in Romanian, quit, and then left the country. So I had to start with that.
TELL US NOW. GETTING A RAW START Arthur N. tells US, I worked Asset Protection and had a new hire show up with an entire sushi spread while sitting at the CCTV monitors on the clock.
TELL US NOW. THE PIZZA GUY 178489 Jason P. said at work a dude kept leaving pepperoni and cheese on my forklift. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. DO YOU KNOW THE MUFFIN MAN? Liz O. had a coworker who cut the tops off of all the muffins in the break room to eat them himself.
TELL US NOW. TASTES SO GOOD Virginia R. tells US about a coworker who chews loudly and makes moaning sounds when eating. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. THE MAGIC'S RUINED SMUCKER'S Wagic shell Chocolate James E. works at tech company with a fully stocked kitchen. Someone put the Magic Shell in the fridge. I've never been more upset with a coworker in my life.
TELL US NOW. FRIDGE RAIDER Royale A. says someone at work was caught stealing a coworker's lunch, and got fired from his 6 figure iob for stealing a $3 burger, and good riddance. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. MOTHERCLICKER Brandy L. says, My former coworker had a nervous habit of clicking pens, usually on the hard surface of the desk at rapid-fire pace. Over time he resorted to banging the pen against his forehead so violently during calls that I'd hear him respond, 'No, I
TELL US NOW. I WANT CANDY Holly T.'s coworker requested that I fill up my candy jar with candy that she liked, even though the candy was only for me and not the office CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. BREAK ROOM CREEP Deena L. tells us, No matter when I took lunch, this guy would ioin me in the break room and sit across the room from me. He didn't eat or say anything, just sat there. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. ALL TALK, NO WORK Trevor L. had a coworker who constantly talked about how good they were at their job, while everyone else was doing their iob for them... constantly. CRACKED.COM
TELL US NOW. HEART OF GLASS, EARS OF STEEL David Y. tells US of a coworker who played Blondie - and ONLY Blondie - all day, every day.
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