Tell Us Now: What Movies And TV Shows Gave You The Most Unrealistic Expectations For High School?

Tell Us Now: What Movies And TV Shows Gave You The Most Unrealistic Expectations For High School?

High school is never quite as exciting as it seems on TV. We asked Cracked readers on Facebook to weigh in on the shows and movies that steered them wrong when it came to young love, peer pressure, and the prevalence of whipped cream bikinis.

TELL US NOW. 10 Things I Hate About You too Io Y LOATHEE Te LAT he LOAIT Te AAHe CRACKED Lynn D. says prom wasn't as big a deal as she was led to believe: They got Save Ferris AND Letters to Chloe to perform at their prom. All we

TELL US NOW. Grease GRAGKED This dude threw Cody M's expectations of puberty way out of whack: I thought I'd look a hell of a lot older by the time I made it to high school.

TELL US NOW. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers CRACKED Jeff B. never got to use his Lycra bodysuit: 4 years of high school, not one kaiju fight. Not. One.

TELL US NOW. Superbad CRACKED Cody M. was surprised by the oppressive structure of the school day: it made me think I'd have 15 minutes between classes to have meaningful conversations with my friends. I didn't realize how little time they actually give students.

TELL US NOW. Saved by the Bell CRACKED Bryan R. didn't realize he'd have to choose between Yearbook Club and Spanish Honor Society: it made me think you could do EVERY extracurricular.

TELL US NOW. Varsity Blues ORAGKED Aaron R. was extremely bummed about his selection of fextracurriculars: I thought it would be whip cream bikinis everyday.

TELL US NOW. Sixteen Candles GRAGKED Samantha F. learned that sometimes, you have to be your own sensitive beefcake: I thought every dorky girl got the hot jock, who was sensitive enough to do something incredibly sweet for her 16th birthday.

TELL US NOW. Sky High GRAGKED Mike D. takes issue with the structural integrity of a floating school: the part where the high school is hovering hundreds of feet above the Earth. I don't care if everyone there has superpowers, Sci Fi Plots Rule 1 says that's just a bad

TELL US NOW. Rock 'n' Roll High School 609 CRACKED Keith A's peers just didn't understand the awesome power of rock 'n' roll: Nobody in my school even knew who the Ramones were!

TELL US NOW. Heathers 27 TMFT UE ATE 4 coL MY punswl T NA if e WY 1 FY THE CT CF mo AO o Lt 1 YmHRL AMO TH a Day Weies CRACKED Jennifer P. grew up with a bunch of conformist sheep. BAAAH! I had high hopes

TELL US NOW. High School Musical CRACKED There's nothing like a Hollywood budget to make you resent your public school's crusty visage: Not the lack of singing, but how grungy and broken-down my high school was compared to the one in the movies.

TELL US NOW. Superstar CRACKED Sarah M. thought there'd be more spontaneous solo smooching: Not a single tree, nor stop sign near my high school kissed like the one at Mary Catherine Gallagher's. Wack.

TELL US NOW. Dazed and Confused CRACKED Ryan C. was hoping to haze, but was refused: I never got to paddle incoming freshmen when I was in school and chase them around town.

TELL US NOW. American Pie GRACKED David S. says he was surprised to find no crazy sex romps, just a lot of confused teens that didn't know how true relationships work. Alex C. adds: if anyone was that sexually active, they kept it to their damned selves.

TELL US NOW. Beverly Hills, 90210 GRAGKED Anna A. thought she'd have more room for Beanie Babies and magazine cutouts of her celebrity crushes: when we first got lockers in high school, all we got were teeny cupboards. Everyone was complaining, saying: 'Oh, we thought they'd be like Beverley Hills

TELL US NOW. The scary ones. GRAGKED In Charlene M's experience, most teens were getting murdered in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or being brainwashed in A Clockwork Orange... so I guess my expectations were to be murdered by some psychopath, but turns out I was supposed to be dating some rich

TELL US NOW. Freaks and Geeks CRACKED Andrew G. says this is the exception that proves the rule: Freaks and Geeks was a very relatable take on high school.

TELL US NOW. The Breakfast Club CRACKED Dana D. thought everyone would magically fit in to one of those 5 categories of kids. Imagine my surprise when E discovered that NO ONE fit those neatly defined categories.

TELL US NOW. Jawbreaker GRAGKED Valerie A. was surprised that not every 'girl' is a 26-year-old temptress and or murderer. And no one ever seems to have homework.

TELL US NOW. Every. Last. One. CRACKED Jameson H. SaYS Considering I was homeschooled... all of them?
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