Some TV shows are canceled before their time, others hang on and drift into mediocrity.  Then there’s the sweet spot -- those programs that deliver the goods, close the door and leave us wanting more. It’s a rare gift, knowing when to do so. Or, maybe it’s a much more common gift than we realize, but the fans made of hundred-dollar bills waved under the noses of showrunners and actors to get them to stay smell so good that they end up keep on keeping on, even when their heart just isn’t in it. And you know, that’s an understandable position – after all, a TV show gig is probably one of the most stable, steady jobs that an actor or writer can land. Even if they don’t go out on top of the world, well, at least they had some job stability for a few years, doing what they got into the industry to do. And isn’t that what we all want? Warning: series-ending spoilers ahead.

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