10 TV Commercial Superstars' Surprising Roles

10 TV Commercial Superstars' Surprising Roles

Quite a few of the most well-known faces were not seen in blockbuster films but rather in television advertisements for much anything.

Over the years, actors are becoming the face of a particular reputation, appearing on advertisements, posters, as well as, more impressively, commercials. A few commercial cast members have been here for a long time, causing viewers to recognize them whilst also their flagship company rather than their real identity.

Moreover, some commercial actors aren't just limited to advertisements. Advertisers are a good way for performers to end their journey before moving on to bigger things. Their broadcast TV personas have brought in millions of dollars for the artist, proving that a larger role is not really required to make a name for oneself in the celebrity industry.

A performer can be typecast if they play an iconic tv commercial spokesperson. On the other hand, these ten commercial superstars found other outlets for their creative talents.

JAKE STATE FARM LAP DANCE A FILM BY GREG CARTER Fast money Before he offered great rates at State Farm, Kevin Miles made it rain as Kevin the Customer in the Carmen Electra vehicle Lap Dance. FYI: Unlike Jake, she doesn't wear khakis.


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