In the late 90s and early 2000s, boy bands ruled TRL. If you weren't part of the Golden Era of the boy band craze, you're lying; ‘I Want It That Way’ is a total bop. But, aside from Justin Timberlake and Harry Styles, you probably can't think of what a single boy band member is up to these days. Let's fix that.

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The Jonas Brothers After breaking up in 2010, the youngest Jo' Bros got married to high-profile celebs then re-united to put out another #1 hit, Sucker.

Westlife CRACKED OOM The Irish boy band reunited in 2018, with a planned 2020 tour currently on pause. Kian Egan, Brian Mcfadden, and Nicky Byrne have all had various UK hosting/reality show gigs.

98 Degrees Nick Lachey found fame with his then-wif Jessica Simpson. He now cohosts Love Is Blind with his now-wife Vanessa Lachey. The group has repeatedly re-united for events.

New Kids on the Block Joey Mclntyre had a solo career and several Broadway roles. NKOTB and Backstreet Boys formed the super group NKOTBSB in 2011.

O-Town CRACKED COM The boy band reunited without the most recognizable face of Ashley Parker Angel. They had planned to tour with the final member of LFO when COVID hit.
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