Some would have you believe that being lucky is just a matter of chance. Those people have clearly never wanted to be Jedi Masters. And, well, it turns out you can come pretty close to being one. Or a Sith Lord. We won't begrudge your dark desires, you saucy thing.

To mold the world around you, you just need to understand a bit about probability. It's a great shorthand for finding the truth about how the world works. For example, if people who get shot in the head die sooner than people who brush their teeth, this tells you you'd be better off brushing your teeth than stepping in front of a firing squad today. Of course, probability isn't always quite so obvious as that. On the other hand, the good news is the advice offered by probability is sometimes a lot more actionable. 

With the right knowledge, you do indeed stand a chance at saving your own life. Or at least at making a little money, which can be just as good. 

CLAW MACHINES 000 CRACKEDICON Many claw machines are rigged. The claw lets go or grabs too weakly, and the manual tells the owner how to configure this. So, when you see someone succeed a couple times, give that machine a try. It's likely fairer than most.

Source: Vox

PARKING CRACKEDCO COM Back into parking spaces, instead of driving straight in. It's no harder (drive straight in, and yOu just delay the backing out part till you leave), but it reduces your chance of hitting something ... or someone.

Source: AAA

CAR. POOP? 0.0 A red car is most likely to get pooped on by birds. We don't know why; to find out, you'll have to ask a bird. White and gray are safer colors, while the best color for deterring birds is green.

Source: Halfords

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