At some point in their careers, the 11 comics on this list represented cool in comedy.  While some are more successful than others, all seem to have lost the comedy cred they once enjoyed. Whether it be from poor choices in selecting which films they appear in, leaving the show on which they shined the brightest, or actually doing the terrible, awful things they made jokes about, they just don't seem to have the It, the wow, the haha they are so right factor anymore. It's all an ode to the fickle nature of fame and the entertainment industry, an industry built on the backs of trailblazers like these folks may have been before being cast aside for someone younger, and since it's Hollywood, hotter and sexier than they. And in a few cases, it wasn't that these professional funny people lost their charm - it was the rest of us growing up and moving past the brand of humor they offered.

ANDREW DICE CLAY CRACKED COM From the first comic to sell out Madison Square Garden for two straight nights to no TV gigs and money problems, DicE fell hard and fast. In 2021, nursery rhymes about your Hickory Dickory Dock are more likely to get a comic on a petition


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