Tell Us Now: The 20 All-Time Worst Movie Couples

Tell Us Now: The 20 All-Time Worst Movie Couples

Listen, we all know the feeling. You're sitting in a movie theater, enjoying the latest blockbuster romance. The couple on-screen is ridiculously attractive, and their chemistry is off the charts. But then, as the story progresses, things start to sour. Maybe they start bickering for no reason, or one of them does something selfish and petty. Suddenly, the couple that seemed so perfect just moments ago feels painfully relatable. We've all been there, and it's never fun. In fact, it can be downright frustrating. So why do we keep going back for more?

For one thing, we're guilty of romanticizing the idea of "true love." We see a couple on-screen who seems to have it all, and we can't help but compare their relationship to our own. If they can make it work despite all the obstacles they face, maybe we can too. Additionally, it's important to remember that movies are designed to be entertaining. A well-written script will always include a few conflict scenes to keep things interesting. Without some tension between the two leads, the film would likely be pretty boring. So next time you find yourself getting frustrated with a movie couple, try to take a step back.

Here are a few examples of them…

TELL US NOW. The Joker & Harley Quinn GRACKED Ken W. hates what they've done to couple goals: Because now every single toxic human thinks they can find another toxic human and be CuTe. No. Get therapy. Watch the Addams Family.

TELL US NOW. Jack & Rose GRACKED Lisa R. doesn't ship Leo and Kate in Titanic: The movie as a whole was good but Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet just didn't make a believable pair. She looked 20 years older than him.

TELL US NOW. Isaac & Tracy CRACKED Norman L. doesn't love how Woody Allen's art imitates his life in Manhattan: he's got a history of slobbering his liver spotted jowls and arthriticky gnarled fingers over women far too young and gorgeous for him.

TELL US NOW. Howard & Beverly CRACKED Lee F. makes a darn good point: Without a doubt Lea Thompson and Howard the Duck.

TELL US NOW. Kenny & Denise CRACKED Tim S. doesn't think these two have the right stuff in Can't Hardly Wait: I mean E guess it was funny....l but still....

TELL US NOW. Humbert & Dolores GRACKED Catherine D. says scumbag Humbert's ...youthful predilection in Lolita 'Speaks for itself.

TELL US NOW. Andie & Blane CRACKED Ashley E. can't get over the amateur smooching in Pretty in Pink: I like that movie but their chemistry is so0OO bad and their kissing scenes are SO cringe because it looks like they have no idea how to kiss.

TELL US NOW. Beth & Jerry CRACKED Aw jeez, Daniel G. drops some devastating truth on Rick and Morty: It's clear that Beth just settled with Jerry after getting knocked up and resents him for it. Jerry uses her sympathy for him to manipulate her. Regardless of Rick's actions, they

TELL US NOW. Barry & Vanessa GRACKED Hard to argue with Greg C: The Bee Movie. I don't need to explain, you know why.

TELL US NOW. Harry & Ginny CRACKED Carli B. says the couple lost their magic in the Harry Potter movies: disappointing because they were amazing together in the books.

TELL US NOW. Josh & Susan CRACKED Brian G. thinks Tom Hanks had more chemistry with Wilson the volleyball than with Elizabeth Perkins in Big: The scene where he 'explores' her figure and wants the lights on..awkward!

TELL US NOW. King Kong & Ann Darrow CRACKED Norman L. says Kong is, frankly, a loser: he doesn't have any money, he has anger issues, he doesn't own a car and on their first date he gets into a fight.

TELL US NOW. Allie & Noah GRACKED Adam C. argues that, perhaps, the protagonist of The Notebook is a giant scumbag: threatening suicide if Rachel McAdams doesn't go out with him. What a cute way to start a relationship.

TELL US NOW. Hank & Leticia CRACKED Robert B. says Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry in Monster's Ball 'makes me need a bath.

TELL US NOW. Casper & Kat GRACKED Adam M. is technically correct: Definitely Casper and Kat. I mean, c'mon! She's underage, he's six feet under. So creepy.

TELL US NOW. Preston & Shay CRACKED Paul G. says his money's on The child and the adult woman from Blank Check.

TELL US NOW. Bella & Edward CRACKED Tony F. takes issue with Those two planks of wood from Twilight. Mind you, it's never going to go well when your choices are bestiality or necrophilia.

TELL US NOW. Anakin & Padme CRACKED Rich D. is all-in on these two: If it's not Anakin Skywalker/ Padme I officially declare the internet broken.

TELL US NOW. Melvin & Carol CRACKED Adrian A. says As Good As It Gets could stand to get a little more good: They were perfectly cast to play those characters, except for their age difference. He was old enough to be her dad, and it looks like it on

TELL US NOW. Captain Kirk & any alien CRACKED John H. says the Cap'n gettin' frisky always makes him squirm: has anyone seen James T Kirk kissing on the Star Trek original series, THATS cringe worthy.
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