There are a lot of ways to spend your free time. You can read, play video games, go for walks, or hang out with friends. But one of the most popular ways to pass the time is by watching movies and TV shows.

It's hard to remember, in these online times, how far away other countries are. Like, they are so far away that people there speak completely different languages. Their food is not like your food. Before Netflix, years could pass by before a movie, or a series got where you lived. They had to physically pack the stuff up and load it into a plane or a boat -- and then, those who bought it would go, "Hey, people around these places will like this thing better if we turn it into another thing altogether." Do you know how often this happens? All the time. Just take a look at these cases.

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Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women In the 1960s, Roger Corman got hold of a Soviet sci-fi film - and after releasing a (mostly) straightforward first version, he went for broke and included a whole tribe of, Well, prehistoric women.

Source: Offscreen

Sailor Moon If you grew up with the Sailor Scouts, you know that Uranus and Neptune are cousins- with the English dub not acknowledging until 2019 that no, they're actually lovers.

Source: The Mary Sue

Casablanca When the movie was released in Germany in the 1950s, all the references to Nazis were deleted, and Victor Laszlo became a Norwegian physicist on the run from Interpol.

Source: NPR

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