21 Hit Movies With Hidden Meaning And Subtext

21 Hit Movies With Hidden Meaning And Subtext

Most of the time, it is pretty darn easy to tell what a movie is about. "Lincoln" is about Lincoln. "The Hangover" is about some dudes who get a hangover. "The Tree Of Life" is about ... you know, things. Like trees. Maybe some life. However, sometimes a movie you've seen a million times will convince you it's about something very simple, when in fact there was a hidden meaning all along that the director intentionally put there, but for some reason didn't want you to immediately find. Or, perhaps more likely, the director unintentionally made that hidden meaning either in spite of or in addition to their goal. After all, that’s just how art works – it takes on a life of its own once the creative process is done. Of course, there’s also the interpretating side of it. Just so it’s clear – a movie can be about multiple things, and one interpretation doesn’t necessarily exclude others.

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