12 Weird-Yet-Real Things That Just Happened

Humans have brought species to the brink of extinction through greed, carelessness, and also … uh … an unchecked desire to get high, apparently. Here are more details on that plus 11 other stories:


We've found out that one coke can could hold all the coronavirus that exists. blnw 140 Bath University oca Cola mathematician Kit Yates calculated that there are two billion billion particles of the virus around, and that could easily into a 12 fl oz. can.

Source: Reuters


Japan's vaccine strategy was thrown into chaos because they didn't have the right syringes. To 15 Japan has a shortage of syringes that can draw six doses from a vial of the Pfizer vaccine, so it has to mainly syringes that can draw five doses. This means millions of doses

Source: The Guardian


David Hogg founded his own pillow company as a competitor to MyPillow. Y1 10 URD MfJfIT 4f u DIt It started out as a Twitter joke, but Hogg (a Parkland shooting survivor who became an activist) then launched Goodpillow as an actual company.

Source: Fast Company


Conservationists asked people to stop milking toads, because it's making them go extinct. Licking a Sonoran Desert Toad can get you high, because its glands produce a powerful psychedelic compound. These toads are endangered in California and threatened in New Mexico, and scientists are concerned that people milking them to

Source: EuroNews


Sri Lankan monks saved a tree by making it an honorary monk. It's the only known specimen of a species thought to be extinct, and it was supposed to be chopped down for a motorway. So a bunch of monks symbolically ordained it as another monk in a ceremony that

Source: Yahoo


Philadelphia police are trying to get a 5% accountability bonus for wearing body cams. PHILADELPHIA POLICE HONOR SERVICE INTEGRITY It's just one of the things they're demanding from the city in the next contract for the Philadelphia police Department.

Source: Inquirer


After taking power in a coup, Myanmar's military is telling protesters to be careful not to destroy democracy. e cocac esRif The military overturned the results of an election and seized power on February 1, which has been protested by tens of thousands. They've been warned by the military that

Source: CNN


Cambridge researchers calculated that Bitcoin uses up more electricity than all of Argentina. MTEIIS Mining Bitcoin eats up 121.36 terawatt-hours per year Cjust over Argentina's 121 TWh per year), and that's likely to rise if Bitcoin's value keeps rising.

Source: BBC


A 90-year-old bought $10,000 worth of ads to complain to his ISP. PAID ADVERTISEMENT Open Letter to Mr. John T. Stankey CEO AT&T Dear Mr. Stankey: AT&T prides itself as a leader in electronic communications. Unfortunately, for the people who live in N. Hollywood, CA 91607. AT&T is now a

Source: FOX29


When firefighters arrived at an NC restaurant, it turned out it was just making 0,000 chicken wings. R 'S Someone driving by the restaurant saw the massive smoke plume and called the fire department, but all that smoke was just the restaurant making wings for Super Bowl Sunday.

Source: CBS17


A random bird's whistle exposed a colombian propaganda video as fake. on ELK SELVA DE COLOMBIA The video apparently showed members of the biggest Colombia militia claiming they support a leftist candidate, but an ornithologist recognized a bird whistle in the background and knew that bird isn't native to Colombia,

Source: the Guardian


The iPhone 12 can screw up pacemakers. Implantable cardiac devices can be controlled by magnets (so that doctors don't have to open up the patient to change a setting). The iPhone 12 has a really strong magnet for its MagSafe chargerc- turns out it's strong enough to disable an implantable

Source: NBC25