12 Stars Who Actually Got Bigger After Leaving 'Saturday Night Live'

As it turns out, failure is an option.
12 Stars Who Actually Got Bigger After Leaving 'Saturday Night Live'

Saturday Night Live (SNL) is a live sketch comedy and variety show that airs on NBC every Saturday evening. The show features a number of guest actors, writers, and musicians each week. SNL is one of the longest-running shows on television, and it has become a cultural phenomenon over the years. While the show can be hit or miss, there are always a few gems in every episode. The show is known for its political satire, pop culture parodies, and...Well, just being really funny. If you've never seen it before, SNL is definitely worth a watch. Even if you're not a huge fan of sketch comedy, the episodes are usually less than an hour-long, so it's not a huge commitment.

It's no secret 'That Saturday Night Live' has a pretty high turnover rate. Not everyone who makes the jump to becoming a full-time cast member ends up making the cut. In fact, some of the funniest and most successful stars out there are actually those who only guest-starred on the show for a brief period of time. So, what happens to these comedians after they leave? Well, for some, their careers only get better. Check out our list of SNL alumni who got bigger and better after leaving the show. You might be surprised at some of the names on this list!


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