15 Major Characters Who Barely Exist In The Source Material

An adaptation can be a background character’s big break.
15 Major Characters Who Barely Exist In The Source Material

As we've talked about before, adaptations can be tricky. Sometimes, they work in the material's favor, and other times they most certainly do not. 

These are the times where they did work out, just not in the way the creator probably thought because a background or minor character took on a whole lot more prominence.

“I love Lady Taenya Scolex in the Pangolin Man show!” you go. And no wonder she’s your favorite character -- she kicks ass, has an amazing wardrobe, and flaunts a set of flesh-rending chitinous hooks to die for. But then you read the Pangolin Man books and, upon realizing that Taenya Scolex is a cosmetics peddler with one line (that line being, “Sorry, the restroom is out of service”) you understandably go, “Dude, WTF?”

This is more common than you think. Just look at all these (not made-up) examples, and marvel at how big a minor character can grow when transitioning to different media.

Deadpool NEGASONIC TEENAGE WARHEAD The original Negasonic never gets to meet Deadpool - she dies almost immediately (along with millions other mutants) after her first appearance in X-Men comics.

Source: CBR

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