16 Subjects Of Biopics Who Loathed Them

If Robin Williams is playing you, just sit back and enjoy the ride.
16 Subjects Of Biopics Who Loathed Them

Ah, the biopic – Hollywood’s go to format for award season. Aside from studios wanting to rake in the little statues, the format is also a good place to explore a real-life person pretty intimately. And if you’re the subject of a biopic, well, congratulations! Doesn’t that mean you made it? You’re life is so interesting that there are actual movies about it! But not everyone is flattered that they’re selected from the billions and billions of possible life stories. In fact, they can get downright angry. For instance, if you’re a scummy stock broker and the movie about your scummy stock brokering portrays you as a scummy stock broker, well, that’s not very nice of Hollywood, is it? Oh woe is you, committing crimes and people knowing about it. And, everyone, please take a moment to feel sorry for Mark Zuckerberg. Jesse Eisenberg made him look like a horny lil weenie one time back in 2010. 

Foxcatcher MARK SCHULTZ CRACKEDC Schultz alternately praised and raged at Channing Tatum's portrayal of him as an... emotionally unstable Olympic champion wrestler. He called Bennett Miller a great director, but also called for his head on a platter (for portraying him as maybe gay) and accused him of destroying my
The Late Shift DAVID LETTERMAN CRACKED COM Letterman used his monologue to blast the movie for months. Specifically, he thought John Michael Higgins made him look like a circus chimp.

Source: EW

All Eyez on Me JADA PINKETT SMITH ME HI/AN Pinkett Smith and Tupac were very close in high school, long before either had gotten a taste of fame. But the movie, which she called deeply hurtful, managed to make their relationship both more meaningful and more trite than
The Blind Side MICHAEL OHER 74 AVECRS CRACKEDCO Oher says he's glad the film has inspired people around the world. But he hates that it portrays him as knowing nothing about sports, before Sandra Bullock swooped in to save the day. Quite simply, I'm tired of the movie.
Where the Buffalo Roam HUNTER S. THOMPSON Thompson praised Bill Murray's formance, but thought that the movie was, overall, a 'horrible pile of crap.
Moneyball ART HOWE CRACKED.COM Howe said his reputation as a good coach and manager took a permanent hit from the blockbuster. But his primary concern was a bit more superficial: Philip Seymour Hoffman physically didn't resemble me in any way. He was a little on the heavy side.'
Game Change SARAH PALIN Palin played it cool, saying she wasn't concerned about a movie based on a false narrative, but her publicist gave away the game when she said looking at the trailers alone gets my blood boiling.
The Social Network MARK ZUCKERBERG HALVART CRACKED.COM In retrospect, this film humanized a monster, but at the time, it was a cute little backstory about the Farmville website. Zuckerberg took issue with how it presented him as a horny lonely dude: they completely left out the fact that my girlfriend,
Good Morning, Vietnam ADRIAN CRONAUER CRACKED cC Military DJ Adrian Cronauer didn't hate the movie, per se. But he pointed out that Robin Williams was merely playing a Cronauer- -esque character: he was playing Robin Williams; that's what he always does. To be fair, he added that he was nominated for
I'm Not There BOB DYLAN Dylan refers to himself in the third person when he's upset, apparently: These so-called connoisseurs of Bob Dylan music don't have any inkling of who I am or what I'm about. Technically, he was right -- Heath Ledger said he wasn't exactly a Dylan historian


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