13 Jokes From History That Show People Haven't Really Changed

Comedy hasn't evolved.
13 Jokes From History That Show People Haven't Really Changed

If your mom has ever told you, “Back in my day, we didn't make such crass jokes,” your mom is a liar. She even told me last night. Does that sound off? Too bad, I'm quoting Shakespeare… no, really. Don't let historic non-smiling portraits fool you; people from the past were just as bawdy as the teens on TikTok.  Here are 13 jokes that will remind you people have always had the same sense of humor. 

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Classic College Poop Prank WILLIAM BUCKLAND When Buckland was at Oxford in the 1790s, he collected buckets of guano (bat poop) and spelled guano on the university's yard. The lawn was promptly cleaned, but the guano's fertilizer's properties made the grass in a distinct pattern spelling GUANO.

Source: NPR

Joke books have been around since Ancient Greece HIEROCLES AND PHILAGRIUS CRACKED'COM This joke comes from the 4th century collection Philogelos but reads like a line from Everybody Loves Raymond: A misogynist is attending to the burial of his wife, who has just died, when someone asks: Who is it

Source: BBC

Medieval monks liked to draw penises JOHN OF ARDERNE 9rn ofhn hd Ct m9n het nate i pmno ixiaontp A dick in a basket. That's just as likely to pop up in the margins of a textbook today as it was when this manuscript was painstakingly rendered in the

Source: Atlas Obscura

Renaissance artist hid naughty jokes in the background LORENZO LOTTO The sitter and the artist used well-known pieces in the background to stage a juvenile scene in this 1527 Italian painting Portrait of Andrea Odoni.

Source: BBC

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