15 Movies and Shows That Started Out Very Differently

Movie production is a business of dizzying swerves.
15 Movies and Shows That Started Out Very Differently

TV shows are always a great form of entertainment. Whether it's a well-known actor or musician popping up for a cameo role, or a famous athlete making a guest appearance as themselves, it always adds an extra level of excitement. We love to watch celebrities in our favorite tv shows. It seems like they are just like us, but with a lot more money. In some cases, the celebrity is playing themselves in the show. Other times, they are a character that is scripted just for them. Either way, it is always fun to see them on our screens.

Life is unpredictable. You take a quick trip to the grocery store for a six-pack and a bag of potato chips, and when you're back home, your car is somehow loaded with supplies for a five-course meal for eight people (and also, you didn't own this car before). This kind of scenario is also relatable for people who make movies for a living -- they set out to film one thing, and months or years later, they ship something completely different to theaters and TV networks. Think we're exaggerating? Just take a look at these.

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