Actors We Keep Forgetting Have Dark Secrets

Actors We Keep Forgetting Have Dark Secrets

Everyone has dark secrets. Stuff you tell only the most trusted therapist or perhaps a grand jury. Maybe you lied to your parents one time, maybe there is a thumping heart telling tales from under your floorboards right now. But hey! It's okay! (Editors' note: that heart thing kinda makes it seem like it's not okay). Everyone has secrets, including our favorite actors. The only difference is that when their secrets get exposed, the whole world gets to see them (Legal team note: everyone might need to see under your floorboards).

However, we also seem to have goldfish memory when it comes to some of these secrets, as there are actors who’ve done truly appalling things, and yet nobody bats an eye when they get cast in the next big blockbuster. On the other side of the coin, we also have actors who've had to go through terrible ordeals in their lives in order to get to where they are, and they never get any credit for it.

Let's hope people remember these:

MATTHEW BRODERICK ELTA EA ING Ssrte While on holiday in Northern Ireland in 1987, Broderick collided with another car after he crossed into the wrong lane. A mother and a daughter in the other car died in the crash and the actor only received a $175 fine. CRACKED.COM


JIM CARREY In 2015, Carrey's girlfriend Cathriona White died from an overdose. White's family sued the actor, accusing him of supplying her with drugs and being responsible for her death. In 2018, the civil suit was dismissed.


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