13 Historic Figures' Salaries

Do you make more than any of these notable people?
13 Historic Figures' Salaries

Picture a person of note from history. In fact, picture several of them from different eras, different fields, and different specialties. You're all going to dinner together. Table for six. After a 15-minute wait (this is a nicer place than where you'd usually go to), you're all seated, you all order, you're all being polite to the wait staff, you're all dining. Conversation strikes up. You ask the awkward yet burning question to the entire table: “How much money do you make?”

While it's a social faux pas, it's important to know how much famous people in our history made for a living, if for no other reason than to make us feel better about our meager paycheck. No matter what the actual figure is, it is for sure significantly less than what their estate is currently worth today. Check out this list of historical figure salaries and see which members of that dinner table you'd have to cover for when the bill arrives. 

Note: Current-day salaries are roughly calculated and are solely intended for an entertaining reference of scale. 


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